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Fancy Image Gallery 0.9.0 is out!

  • on 24/09/2012 (updated on 21/02/2014)
  • in announcement.

Like the title says, Fancy Image Gallery 0.9.0 is out.

This version of gallery went through major overhaul:

  • Controller was rewritten (thanks to Craig)
  • New function was added
  • Parent function is a bit changed
  • Javascript files + css are up-to-date with latest free version

New Controller

With this improvement you can now have squared and centered thumbs which in general use look much slicker :) If in any case you need to keep thumbs proportions same as the original image, use version 0.8.6. Or make update and rewrite new controller with old one.

New Function

<?php fancy_list(); ?>

This function allows you to list all your galleries and link them one by one.

How this works

  1. Create page for “main gallery” (let us call it Main Gallery – slug would be: main-gallery)
  2. Paste <?php fancy_list(); ?> into body area
  3. With text editor
    • open index.php withing “Fancy gallery plugin”
    • on line 101 change $galleryname = 'gallery'
    • to $galleryname = 'main-gallery'
    • save and exit
  4. Create a folder under /public/images/ and named it like slug of the actual page
    • e.g. my-little-gallery equivalent to page titled My little gallery
    • in File Manager use only lowecase letters and “-” hyphens instead of spaces
    • Upload images and create thumbs, the usual stuff
  5. Create page under “Main gallery” named “My little gallery”
  6. Call your gallery <?php fancy('my-little-gallery'); ?>
  7. Check your “Main gallery” fronted link :)

IMPORTANT You can’t have hidden files within /public/images folder or it will break the whole thing. We’ll address that in next version.

Parent function

A small change has been made here in order to preserve the exact same thumb value across the site. Now, unlike it was before, the image link will be the same width/height as it is in the gallery.

Javascript and CSS files

Those just got updated to the latest free version of fancybox v. 1.3.4. You can manually update it to version 2.x as it is free for personal or non-profit websites. As far as we are concern, this is the latest version and we won’t update it anymore until we find something else.

This is it! If you have any questions, use comments section below.
Thank you for using this plugin.

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