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Future plans and other relevant things

  • on 06/06/2012 (updated on 20/02/2014)
  • in announcement.

I’ve been quiet for months now while “cooking” some new stuff for you (and working on some projects which is the reason why I don’t update as often as I would like).

New articles to be happy about:

  • How to move and backup whole Wolf installation from localhost to live server (and vice versa)
  • Different usage of Fancy image gallery
  • Redesign of this site:
    • Part 1: Planning and sketching
    • Part 2: From sketch to image
    • Part 3: Static layout
    • Part 4: Doing it Wolf CMS style

New/old plugins:

  • Fancy image gallery will be updated with new feature(s)
  • A long awaited “Supreme Fancy” should be released (after 0.8.0)

Along with above mentioned, there is one new plugin in progress and we do plan to take whole Wolf CMS experience to the next level with new additions to this site.

Stay tuned

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