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Fancy Image Gallery

  • on 09/04/2010 (updated on 25/03/2014)
  • in plugins, wolf.

Easy to use gallery plugin for Wolf CMS with jquery fancybox lightbox2 effect. The plugin purpose is to make and maintain a lot of galleries in less time as possible. Approx. time to set up one gallery with 20 images is 5 minutes.

Still working on the new version (1.0.0)


  • create thumbnails with custom size
  • all images per gallery are in one folder (1 folder = 1 gallery)
  • easy displaying of gallery
  • display gallery where ever you want
  • group all galleries on one page with links
  • display all galleries with one function (0.9.0)
  • automatic display of titles under every image
  • more effects for slideshows (0.8.0)
  • improved and cleaner css (0.8.0)
  • fancier “fancy_parent” image display (0.8.0)
  • works with or without mod_rewrite (0.8.1)
  • auto sorting (v.0.8.1 – thanks mvdkleijn)
  • last X galleries in slider (0.9.2)


  1. Download Fancy Image Gallery (big red button!)
  2. Unpack under wolf/plugins/ directory (rename it to fancy_image_gallery)
  3. Go to Administration->Plugins and enable plugin
  4. Download Lightbox2
    1. Unpack it in your themes/my-theme folder
    2. Copy and link lightbox.css in your <head> below your css file
    3. Copy images from img folder to your images folder and correct path in the lighbox.css file
    4. Copy and link (in <head>) files from js folder in this order:
      1. modernizr.custom.js – not really necessary
      2. jquery-1.10.2.min.js or copy and paste latest from Google CDN
      3. lighbox-2.6.min.js
  5. Done!

For further documentation and examples, check Menu in the sidebar!

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