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Easy to use gallery plugin for Wolf CMS with jquery fancybox effect. The plugin purpose is to make and maintain a lot of galleries in less time as possible. Approx. time to set up one gallery with 20 images is 5 minutes.—


  • create thumbnails with custom size
  • all images per gallery are in one folder (1 folder = 1 gallery)
  • easy displaying of gallery
  • display gallery where ever you want
  • group all galleries on one page with links
  • display all galleries with one function (0.9.0)
  • automatic display of titles under every image
  • more effects for slideshows (0.8.0)
  • improved and cleaner css (0.8.0)
  • fancier “fancy_parent” image display (0.8.0)
  • works with or without mod_rewrite (0.8.1)
  • auto sorting (v.0.8.1 – thanks mvdkleijn)
  • last X galleries in slider (0.9.2)


  1. Download Fancy Image Gallery
  2. Unpack fancy_image_gallery._X.Y.Z.zip under wolf/plugins/ directory (rename it to “fancy_image_gallery”)
  3. Go to Administration->Plugins and enable plugin
  4. Jquery setup:

For Wolf 0.7.0+

- Download at least jquery v.1.7.1 and link it somewhere between < head > tags in your Layout.

For Wolf 0.5.5

- Download jquery v.1.3.2 and link it somewhere between < head > tags in your Layout.

Below that, put this code:

<?php fancy_resources(); ?>
<script type="text/javascript">
		'zoomSpeedIn': 500, 
		'zoomSpeedOut': 500, 
		'overlayShow': true });

That’s it. You have finished installation and set up of Fancy Image Gallery plugin. For further usage read Documentation page under Fancy Image Gallery tab.


Plugin comes with i18n folder where you can put your translations as well. Available translations are:

  • english (default)
  • croatian (ours)
  • german (thanks to a.renz & frank)
  • french (thanks to oweb)
  • spanish (thanks to rafaguilarsol)
  • dutch (thanks to Fortron)
  • russian (thanks to Konstantin Baev)
  • polish (thanks to nowotny)

Any contributions for other languages are more then welcome. Just translate file to your language and send it via e-mail to one of the authors. You have our e-mail address under Documentation page inside plugin tab.

To do

Like any other software, this one has some flaws. We will try to fix as much as we can and publish updated code ASAP. If you have any suggestions write a post with short description of future/possible upgrade on the Wolf’s forum.

  • add drop down menu with different width/height link dropped
  • possibility to create thumbs only by width or height dropped
  • - resize & crop (avoid distorted images) –
  • “human readable sorting” v0.8.1
  • rearrange default css styles
  • add more user error checks
  • adding images to existing gallery is causing double creation of thumbs fixed
  • gallery doesn’t work if extension is in uppercase letters (photo.JPG) fixed


For Wolf v.0.7.+
Current version available for download: Fancy Image Gallery 0.8.6 (rectangle) | Fancy Image Gallery 0.9.4 (squared)

For Wolf v.0.6.0
Current version available for download: Fancy Image Gallery 0.8.3_w6


Developer and leading math brain: Sanja Andjelkovic
Coder and wannabe developer: Dejan Andjelkovic
Many thanks to our man from the shadow for his help: Martijn van der Kleijn