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  • on 08/02/2011 (updated on 25/03/2014)
  • in plugins, wolf.

Notes is simple backend plugin for, well, taking notes! I have created this plugin for couple of reasons, first, I’m quite lazy to write anything down on paper (which I always lose) and second, I wanted to get more familiar with PHP OOP and Wolf CMS in general.

As of version 0.0.8 you can also show your notes anywhere on your site as all notes at once or some specific note (read more below).


  • Download latest Notes plugin
  • Unzip it in /wolf/plugins/ directory
  • rename directory to “notes”
  • Log in to your admin area
  • Go to Administration->Plugins
  • Find “Notes” plugin and enable it

Installation process will add “notes” table in your database.

Update from 0.0.8 to 0.0.9

  1. Disable Notes (do not uninstall or you will lose all your notes)
  2. Via phpmyadmin add two more columns in notes table:
    1. filter_id with Type: VARCHAR and Null: YES
    2. content_html with Type: TEXT and Null: YES
  3. Download Notes 0.0.9 and overwrite everything except enable.php
  4. Enable Notes and overwrite enable.php

Or easier method would be to overwrite all and start over. Btw, the above update is not tested and might not work.


In admin area

Well, it’s pretty simple to use this plugin as it doesn’t have to many options. All you can do for the moment is to:

  • create new note
  • edit and delete existing note
  • view all notes
  • show note by ID anywhere on your site
  • show all notes anywhere on your site

For text styling use normal html tags. Filters are on our to-do list.

On actual site

You can show all your notes at once anywhere within your site (Pages and Layouts) with this simple function:

<?php showallnotes(); ?>

If you want to show only certain note somewhere (in sidebar for example), you just call it by id:

<?php shownotebyid('ID'); ?>

In real life, that would be:

<?php shownotebyid('5'); ?>


Plugin comes with i18n folder where you can put your translations as well. Available translations are:

  • english
  • croatian
  • portugese (thanks daniel.affonso)
  • polish (thanks djgprv)
  • dutch (thanks Fortron)
  • spanish (thanks andrewmman)

Language contributions are more then welcome.

To Do

  • sorting by different criteria
  • textile filter input
  • categories
  • merge add and edit in one view

Issues and improvements

Like any other plugin, this one also has plenty of room for improvements and considering that this is an initial release it won’t leave you speechless :)

If you find any errors or you have idea on how to improve this plugin, please use either Github issue tracker (prefered) or comments below.

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